Inquiry 5 - Joe Littman English 111 Professor Streeter 7...

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Joe Littman English 111 Professor Streeter 7 December 2010 Letter to My English 112 Teacher Professor Leckie, As the year started the words exigence, kairos, ethos, pathos and logos meant nothing to me, but now I know they are all necessary pieces of a whole rhetorical writing. I feel as if English 111 was set up in 3 stages: learning what rhetoric was and how to use it effectively, creating our own rhetoric and finally analyzing a piece of rhetoric already created. Our first inquiry was simply introducing the ways to be rhetorical and this was my first chance to analyze my own rhetoric. The second inquiry was a chance to analyze a speech and comment on the rhetoric used and the audiences targeted. The third inquiry forced me to gather information based on my audience and then present the facts in the most persuasive manner possible. The fourth inquiry used our research from our third inquiry to create a completely new mode of rhetoric. Those four inquiries that I have written thus far in college have all built on each other and expanded my understanding and use of rhetoric. Our first inquiry was a chance for us to reflect on a piece of rhetoric that we had already created, and analyze how we used rhetorical devices to advance our argument. I chose to use an e-mail I sent my parents after my first week of college. This inquiry showed me how present rhetoric was in our everyday lives. I thought the assignment was straightforward and easy to complete, the only problem I ran into was that I didn’t find
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enough rhetoric in my own writing. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I had
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Inquiry 5 - Joe Littman English 111 Professor Streeter 7...

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