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Littman 1 Joe Littman Lynne Streeter English 111 27 October 2010 Writer’s Letter The objective of Inquiry 3 was to research a two-sided argument, then present the side you associate with, and acknowledge the other side (or sides) of the issue. We needed to incorporate 6-10 sources, a number of them being scholarly sources, to support our writing and add credibility (also know as ethos). The main goal of this Inquiry was to persuade the reader to align with you on the issue you chose. Our Inquiries were supposed to utilize as many rhetorical devices as possible. I researched the effect Green Economic Policies have on a nations economy and why the effects occur (using Macro Economics principals). My research and prior knowledge lead me to believe that Green Economic policies have a detrimental effect on the economic well being of the country the are implemented in. I used research to find specific numbers that supported my conclusion that I could use as logos. I found that a study released by a university in Spain concluded that “for ever 1 Green Job created the economy lost an average of 2.2 jobs in another sector” (Baratti). There isn’t much diversity in the articles about Green Economic Policy, the topic of the articles is either about Spain or Germany, or in support of the general idea of protecting the environment and going green. It is hard to argue for the destruction of the environment (I also wouldn’t personally agree with destroying the environment) so those
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Littman 2 article were of no use to me. I only had 5 pages and I needed more information. I decided to add in a Macro analysis of the policies because my Econ 202 class was talking about energy prices and their effects on the economy (Green policies drastically raise price of energy). This gave my paper more logos appeal and also established my credibility on the subject (ethos) as I showed my understanding of how the economy operates. I haven’t written my conclusion yet, but the information I have already presented gives my argument a lot of support and I think that my paper will achieve my goal of aligning readers with my frame of thinking. Going Green? The push to go green is everywhere. If you look at the basic idea, use cleaner renewable energy sources, it seems like a win-win situation. Then why are there ex- government representatives agreeing that “ today the economic climate makes people question whether we can afford the expense of these policies?” (Davis). There are numerous positive impacts of going green on the environment, and no one is looking to harm the environment. But the negative impacts going green has on the economy are too important to overlook. The example set by Spain gives us a warning that seems to disregard by our liberal president, who is pushing for more green policies. Basic principals of Macro Economics tell us that the taxes and government subsidies and the increased energy costs could cause further harm to our already crippled economy. Spain’s government has been the first to provide renewable energy with huge
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INQ 3 - Littman 1 Joe Littman Lynne Streeter English 111 27...

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