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BUS 101 CC Joe Littman The World is Flat Assignment Tom Friedman’s speech had the central theme that “The global economic playing field is being leveled/flattened, and Americans are not ready.” He supports this idea with what he calls flatteners. He lists ten of them but three stand out, to me, as most important. First, the network advances, second the programming advances, and finally the informing that can be conducted via Internet. His first flattener was the company Net Scape going public, which he says sparked the rapid spread of fiber optics. The investment in fiber optics allowed more people in more places to instantly communicate with other people around the world, at virtually no cost. This flattener allows a worker in India to do the same job a worker in the US would do, making so there are almost no more “American Jobs”. His second flattener was programming advances that made it easier to use programs with other programs, essentially expanding computer compatibility. This
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