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Joe Littman BUS 102 Professor Lynn Date: November 29, 2010 To: Mark Allen Director of Human Resources at Southwest Windpower From: Joseph Littman Subject: Yearly Speaker During our upcoming staff meeting you will be bringing in a speaker to present a new idea. There were two speeches that I reviewed that could potentially be appropriate for our company. Summaries Jessica Jackley’s was introduced to the idea of charity and at first it overwhelmed her because she was taught that the poor will always be with you, basically no way to reduce their numbers. Dr. Muhammad Yunus introduced her to microloaning, which lead to the creation of Kiva.org. The poorer people she loaned money to weren’t asking for something and offering nothing, they were hard-working and committed to making their and their family’s lives better. Kiva has loaned out 150 million dollars. She expanded her support of entrepreneurs by starting profounder, which helps people in the US reach everyday potential lenders. She hopes that Kiva can continue to
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