Script - Why Did I Get Married? by Meghan Saunier, Yue...

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“Why Did I Get Married?” by Meghan Saunier, Yue Wang, Gabriela Wiliams, Joe Littman and John Condron Gabby Littman: A very caring woman. She has brunette hair and green eyes. She is the girl that people go to for help. She is very opinionated and blunt about the advice she gives. She lives comfortably as a schoolteacher with the husband Joe. She is not materialistic at all. She has very old-fashioned morals about love. Joe Littman- A very righteous man. He plays by the rules. He has brown hair and average size. He is a police officer for New York City, which he and his wife Gabby. He always chooses to do the right thing. He is madly in love with his wife Gabby. Dress like a cop, aviators and a badge. John Condron- A very selfish man. John is a successful doctor and does not play by the rules. He is an attractive man who came from a rich family. Since he grew up with money, he became obsessed with it. No matter how big his bank account is, no amount is enough for him. He was forced into a marriage to his wife Meghan. Meghan Condron- She is a very materialistic woman. She went to college solely to find a husband. She succeeded and married John. She has a teaching degree, but chooses to be a housewife. She became obsessed with money, but unlike her husband, means well and has fairly good morals. Props list : Book(s), bible, computer, handcuffs, wine glasses, wine bottle, 2 chairs, table, rag, doctor mask, hand cuffs and tissues Scene 1. There is a spotlight on Meghan and Gabby. Meghan is crying with a box of tissues in her hand. She sits in a chair on center stage. Gabby is off stage right. Sad instrumental music plays in the background. Gabby begins to narrate. GABBY: Meghan is very upset about her marriage. Her husband is not the man she thought he was. She learned a very important lesson a little to late. Scene 2. The scene translates to 10 years prior. Meghan, John, and Gabby are all at college studying at the library. The three best friends are sitting at a table on center stage. There is instrumental music playing lightly in the background. There is a spotlight on the table. Gabby steps out of the scene to narrate. GABBY: This is Miami University where Meghan and John met. The three of us were best friends in college. We all were friends, regardless of our different backgrounds. For example, John was always very smart and came from a rich family. Meghan, on the other hand, did not come from much money. Therefore, she dreamed of one day not having to
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work so hard for money. John was obsessed with money. He was studying to be a successful and powerful surgeon. Meghan and John began spending more and more time together. They eventually started dating. Scene 3.
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Script - Why Did I Get Married? by Meghan Saunier, Yue...

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