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THE 191 Writing Assignment 1

THE 191 Writing Assignment 1 - 3 Identify what it is about...

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Joe Littman 8-24-2011 THE 191 F 1. Briefly identify the policy or requirement that is unclear. (2 pts) The only piece of the syllabus that was a little unclear to me was the last part of the group performance which read, “ Your group will mount a fully realized performance of your script”. 2. In your own words, describe what you think is intended by the  policy or requirement. (3 pts) Our group will come to class and perform our script, which has been rehearsed and prepared so it will run like a real performance in front of the class and be graded biased on how well it was preformed.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Identify what it is about my language that makes the policy or requirement unclear (2 pts) • The language used in describing the performance is a little vague to me. It may be because I don’t know the vocabulary associated with theater, but I do not know how to define a fully realized performance. 4. Formulate a one sentence question that cuts to the heart of what you don't understand (3 pts) • The part that is unclear to me is what pieces and parts go into a fully realized performance. Does that include costumes and a set, or just well rehearsed?...
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