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Joe Littman Inland Bank Revisited The most important secondary stakeholder is the owners and stockholders who are interested in an increase in company value centered around profit maximization. They want the decision made to be the best one for the companies profit. Judging by how the banks are situated (the neighborhoods) which seem to lack money making possibilities make closing one or all of the banks their preferred position. The owners don’t have very much interest in this decision. The primary stakeholder is the customers in the communities of Rockdale and North Madison. They are interested in a convenient banking experience. They would like to see the bank remain open and some of them have even publicly expressed their thoughts.
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Unformatted text preview: Another primary stakeholder are the employees at the local branches. They obviously want their jobs to remain as they are. As a company you want a friendly respectful relationship with your employees (this causes them to want the company to do well and put all of their resources towards achieving this goal. The external factors that go with this case are the media. By closing down the banks Inland would probably get a lot of bad press. As a bank you are constantly competing with other firms and the difference in the service are almost nonexistent so how potential customers view your bank may be the deciding factor. A negative image could really damage the banks potential to grow through new customers....
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