Adelphia Revistied

Adelphia Revistied - changes public opinion of the company....

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Joe Littman BUS 101 CC Adelphia Case Revisited The Primary stakeholder in this case is the owners, because this case is centered around the unreported loans taken by the Rigas family from company funds, which are technically the owners money. The owners want the company to maximize its profits and grow so they can see their holdings in the company become more valuable. There were many external factors in this case, mainly the media and the government. The media’s influence wasn’t explicitly stated but a scandal of this side definitely received a lot of negative press and while that doesn’t directly effect the corporation, it
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Unformatted text preview: changes public opinion of the company. As a cable company you are constantly competing with other firms and the difference in the products are almost nonexistent so how potential customers view your company may be the deciding factor. A negative image could really damage the companies potential to grow through new customers. Also the government was preparing a law suit which I believe was the deciding factor in the resignation of the board members. The government has enormous power and when they get involved in business decision usually the company will go along with the government....
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