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Writers Letter Inq 1 - logos Once I had a better...

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Joe Littman English 111 This essay contains an e-mail I sent to my parents after my first weekend in college, an analysis of the e-mail and then a reflection on how I could have made my e- mail a stronger rhetorical device. The purpose of this essay was to fulfill all the requirements and expectations that Miss Lynne put on the assignment. The readers of this assignment are my fellow classmates and Miss Lynne. At first I had trouble finding specific examples of rhetoric within the e-mail I wrote. I was really worried about completing the essay with good ideas until Miss Lynne gave us an example of a rhetorical analysis of Alexie’s Superman and Me. She was analyzing things that he said as ethos, pathos and logos that I didn’t think would have fallen into those categories. This made me feel much better because I had a lot of appeals that were basically one of them but none of my appeals were textbook ethos, pathos or
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Unformatted text preview: logos. Once I had a better understanding of the assignment I analyzed each paragraph of my e-mail, citing all uses of rhetorical devices, and put in how I felt my parents, mainly my mom, would react to those devices. When I finished the analysis part I realized I had done a lot of the reflection part in the analysis. I decided I wanted them to be split up so I went back and removed all of the reflection, and put it in two paragraphs at the end. I was able to use the reflection as a transition to my conclusion, which I think, makes my essay stronger. We had a peer review session and they all agreed that I needed to add more detail to my introduction, which at the time only said what the e-mail was. I rewrote my introduction and it does a better job of starting my paper off and it tries to capture the reader’s attention....
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