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GLG 141 T/TH Joe Littman 1. Earth is the only planet that has three phases of water. 4. Based on the temperatures of where the planets are, certain elements form at certain temperatures so you can estimate which elements you will find based on the temperatures. 6. Planetary differentiation is the name applied to the planetary-scale process of separation of matter based on density. It caused the earth to form with a dense metallic core and a less dense silicate based crust.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Meteorites tell us that the earth formed near many other planetismals which broke apart and left behind meteorites. 9. The core used to be hotter due to the abundance of decaying radioactive elements. 10. It is hypothesized that once the oceanic crust was formed it was subjected to further partial melting which makes it appear younger, and the continental crust was not subjected to such melting so it appears older....
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