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Rhetoric Example Draft - Littman 1 Joe Littman Ms. Lynne...

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Littman 1 Joe Littman Ms. Lynne Nelson Streeter English 111 JL August 31, 2010 Sunday Email I send my parents an email every Sunday and this Sunday is sent them one about what I was doing on the weekends because I got arrested this summer and my mom is really nervous about me being on my own so I sent this email with that in mind and I tried to use rhetoric to relieve her worries. Mom and Dad, I really like most of my classes, my history class looks like it is going to be a lot of work, but it is only on Monday so I’ll have plenty of time to get all my work done so I feel like I’ll be fine as long as I keep up with the work. I really like my economics teacher he is really interesting and kind of reminds me of Mr. McCarty only he knows how to teach. I have like an hour or more between all of my classes and I usually get all of my homework done then. I’ve been looking at my schedule and have decided that I can go out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I don’t have class till 11:30 on Thursday and I don’t have any on Friday so I wont be too tired or hungover in those classes. I’ve been safe, no peeing in public or yelling and any of that belligerent stuff. I haven’t been drinking in the dorms either because our lame ass RA pinched our next-door neighbors. RJ got arrested on Friday night for yelling at cops but I talked to them fine and they just told us to go home and tell our RA
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Rhetoric Example Draft - Littman 1 Joe Littman Ms. Lynne...

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