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Rutgers University Newark Campus Page 1 of 4 Prof. Sandy Skoglund INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 21: 080: 261 sec 03 PROJECT 1: PART OF ME 1. ASSIGNMENT: Using the school camera, take a closeup picture of part of your face. 2. You will do this by holding the camera with your arm stretched straight out in front of you and clicking the shutter yourself as you aim the camera at your face. 3. You will not be able to see what the picture looks like until after you have taken it. 4. There must be a recognizable part of your face in the final picture. You will NOT have your entire face in the picture. This will be an extreme closeup shot in which a large part of your face is cropped out. 5. OVERVIEW: there are 5 Main Technical Settings for this project: 1. shooting mode AUTO 2. file size M2 (5 megabytes) 3. FLASH is ON 4. MACRO/CLOSEUP tulip icon is ON 5. ZOOM is set to 5X HOW TO DO THIS PROJECT: Students form into groups around each camera. 1. Turn the camera on and off and see what happens. Notice the green light  stays on but the LCD viewer on the back of the camera goes to sleep in  order to conserve battery power. 2. Set the SHOOTING MODE on AUTO.   3. AUTO means the camera will automatically adjust the ISO, which  determines how sensitive the camera is to light. If you have a lower ISO  then the camera will not be able to take pictures in dark areas. If you have a  higher ISO then the camera will be more sensitive to light 
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This note was uploaded on 12/28/2011 for the course PHOTO 261 taught by Professor Sandraskoglund during the Spring '11 term at Rutgers.

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1_PartofMe-3 - RutgersUniversityNewarkCampus Page1of4...

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