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Rutgers University Newark Campus Page 1 of 3 Prof. Sandy Skoglund INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 21: 080: 261 sec 03 PROJECT 2: DRAMA 1. ASSIGNMENT: Using the school camera, or your own camera, learn to use the SELF TIMER and learn to understand the concept of DIFFERENT FOCAL LENGTHS on your zoom lens. The self-timer is a great tool. It is essential if you want to take group shots and be in the picture yourself. It is also helpful in places where you want to hand hold the camera but it would make the picture blurry because of low light/ camera shake. 2. THIS PROJECT MUST BE DONE WITH AT LEAST ONE PARTNER. One person must be in the foreground, holding their hands in different ways on their face, neck, and head/hair. The other person must be responsible for framing the shot and not moving the camera while depressing the shutter button. 3. Both partners collaborate on the camera setup. 4. Look around Bradley Hall for a flat surface to put the camera on. 5. SET THE LENS FOCAL LENGTH to something like “normal”. This would be halfway
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This note was uploaded on 12/28/2011 for the course PHOTO 261 taught by Professor Sandraskoglund during the Spring '11 term at Rutgers.

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2_Drama-1 - RutgersUniversityNewarkCampus Page1of3...

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