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Rutgers University Newark Campus Page 1 of 1 Prof. Sandy Skoglund INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 21: 080: 261 sec 03 and 04 PROJECT 3: MYSTERIOUS PRESENCE 1. ASSIGNMENT: Using the school camera, or your own camera, take six (6) different pictures that are reflections of another persons face, part of the face, or part of the face and the body. 2. THIS PROJECT MUST BE DONE WITH ONE PARTNER. 3. You are the photographer and you are responsible to take the six (6) pictures of your partner. Then, you change places. 4. The pictures you take are your portrait of the other person . 5. This is NOT a self portrait. 6. CAMERA SETTINGS ARE: 1. Focal length: wide, normal, or telephoto as you wish. 2. Shooting Style: P for PROGRAM 3. Flash is OFF 4. Set the ISO to the highest that you can so that you can hand-hold the camera. The higher the number, the more grainy the picture will be. 5. On the school cameras, that will be either 1600 or 3200. 6. Do not go below ISO 800. Keep the ISO on 800 or above.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. If you see the camera shake icon, then you do not have enough light to hand hold the camera and you must find another area to shoot the reflections in. 7. FRAMING THE SHOT: Make sure that you frame the shot so that the spectator who looks at your picture can understand what kind of object the reflection is coming from. 8. For example, if it is a fender on a car, then the spectator must be able to understand that the reflection is from a fender on a car. Therefore, you must include enough of the object in the picture so that the spectator can understand that. 10. Be original and creative in choosing the reflective surfaces and objects. The more unusual the better. Avoid obvious mirrors unless you can add something new and unique to the picture. Try to surprise the spectator and yourself. 11. Show the 6 pictures to the professor for approval, then pick one to make a final print. 12. TITLE: 3_Mysterious Presence Intro to Photo sec 03 or 04 Your Name...
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