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INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 21: 080: 261 PAGE 1 of 6 PROJECT 4: CLONE MYSELF Part B: special instructions for printing Clone Myself 1. With professor’s approval, select two pictures that match each other. That means they are taken from the same exact point of view and the only difference is that you are on one side of the picture in one of the shots and you are on the OTHER side of the picture in the second shot. 2. Change the default settings of Photoshop. Go under Photoshop (click on Photoshop) at the top of your desktop and pull down the menu and click on Preferences. Then, go to INTERFACE and look for the option that says OPEN WINDOWS IN TABS . MAKE SURE “OPEN WINDOWS IN TABS” is clicked OFF . That means there should be no check in the box next to it. 3. REMEMBER to always do this before attempting any work in photoshop. 4. Download the two pictures that you have chosen to work with onto your desktop. Also, do SAVE AS and save the original pictures to your flash drive/thumb drive. 5. Open up the two icons for your pictures that are on your desktop in photoshop. This means: drag the two picture icons on your desktop into the photoshop icon down in the DOCK. Or, you can right click on the icon and say open up in Photoshop. 6. Arrange the two pictures side by side on your screen. 7. If you need to see more information UNDERNEATH your windows, then press the TAB key and all your windows will disappear temporarily. 8. To bring the windows back, press the TAB key again. 4_CloneMyself print PAGE 2 of 6 9. Go up under the tab WINDOW that is located along the top menu bar across the top of your screen.
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10. Under WINDOW, scroll down and look at all the different information windows that you can have in photoshop. Most of them are unnecessary right now. They clutter the desktop and can be confusing, so we only want a few of them open. 11. Check off (remove by clicking on the check to make the check mark
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4b_CloneMyselfPrint-2 - INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 21:...

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