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21: 080: 261 PAGE 1 of 3 PROJECT 5: GHOSTS OF BRADLEY HALL INSTRUCTIONS: Create ghostly pictures using deliberate movement during extremely long exposures. The purpose of this assignment is to illustrate that the shutter speed of your camera is always changing and it changes according to the camera calculations, unless you set the shutter speed yourself. You can only set the shutter speed yourself if your camera has the TV mode or the M mode, and it depends on the options that your camera has within those settings. For this assignment, we are using AUTO in order to illustrate how the camera itself will slow down the shutter in order to create a good exposure (that means, give the digital capture enough light to make a picture). This slow shutter is called the “camera shake” icon and it is NOT relevant when you have the camera securely anchored onto a tripod. You must use a tripod for this in order to secure the camera firmly during the long exposures. This can be done alone by one person, using the self-timer and then quickly jumping in front of the camera and moving across the film plane as in the illustration above. Or it can be done in pairs, in which one person is the director and the other person is
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5_Ghosts-1 - INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 21: 080: 261 PAGE...

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