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INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 21: 080: 261 PAGE 1 of 1 MIDTERM CONFERENCE AGENDA: 1. Sign in as usual. The professor will be there by 8:30 am. 2. Make a print of Project # 6_FrozenAction. 3. Go through the piles of printed photos and pick out your work from each of the assignments that we have done in class: 1. Myself for sec 04 or Part of Me for sec 03 2. Drama 3. Reflecting Portrait 4. Clone Myself 5. Ghosts of Bradley Hall 6. Frozen Action 4. Once you have finished # 1(Making a print of Project # 6) and # 2 (Going through the piles of photos to assemble your 6 prints for evaluation), then you may use this period to make up any work that
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Unformatted text preview: you have to do, including work on projects for other classes. 5. Be prepared to work on your own on other projects from other classes and to be patient while you wait your turn to speak with the professor about your work and records. 6. After this conference, no work can be made up. Any project that is not recorded by this date will be given a grade of F. 7. After you have had your conference, you may leave. There is no homework over the spring break. Class will resume as usual after spring break with new projects to shoot in class and prints to make....
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