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INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY PROFESSOR SKOGLUND PROJECT 11: CHANGING LIGHT PAGE 1 of 3 As in the previous project, the purpose of this assignment is to experiment with radically different positions for the camera to view the world. This assignment is to see how the world looks if you have been living in your bed laying down for a period of time. It is the point of view of the world as seen by your pillow, if your pillow were alive and had eyes like you. 1. This project can be done at home from your bed or by laying down on the ground and bracing yourself up in order to see your clothes in the foreground of the picture. If it is done at school, then you must come in early in the morning and then later in the day to capture the changing light from exactly the same position. That is why it is easier to do at home. 2. This project must be done at different times of the day. It is up to you to decide, but the idea is for the light in the room to be different. If you have no windows at all in the room, then take the picture with different lights on and off.
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