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FIRST DAY OF CLASS-2 - activate the computer and it should...

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Rutgers University Newark Campus Prof. Sandy Skoglund INTRODUCTION TO PHOTOGRAPHY 21: 080: 261 FIRST DAY OF CLASS AGENDA 1. Professor hands out thumb drives for students to label and use. 2. Students form groups and sign up for each school camera. 3. As each student takes his or her picture, show the results to professor for approval. 4. Upon approval, student then turns off the camera and takes out the memory card from the camera. 5. Student plugs in the CARD READER at the USB connection on the back of the computer. 6. Student inserts the memory card into the CARD READER. This should
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Unformatted text preview: activate the computer and it should show up on the desktop as an icon. 7. Student downloads the picture to computer desktop and to thumb drive. 8. Once the picture is downloaded, then the student EJECTS the card reader. Do not just pull it out of the computer! 8. Student puts the memory card back in the camera and hands it to another student. 9. Student then follows the instructions of HOW TO USE PHOTOSHOP TO COMPOSE YOUR PICTURE, part 1,2,3. 10. Student makes a print of Project #1....
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