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Reading- - [First Reprint ASSEMBLY No 3852 STATE OF NEW JERSEY 214th LEGISLATURE INTRODUCED Sponsored by Assemblyman PATRICK J DIEGNAN JR District

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(Sponsorship Updated As Of: 6/30/2011) [First Reprint] ASSEMBLY, No. 3852 STATE OF NEW JERSEY 214th LEGISLATURE INTRODUCED FEBRUARY 22, 2011 Sponsored by: Assemblyman PATRICK J. DIEGNAN, JR. District 18 (Middlesex) Assemblyman PETER J. BARNES, III District 18 (Middlesex) Assemblyman JOHN S. WISNIEWSKI District 19 (Middlesex) Assemblyman RALPH R. CAPUTO District 28 (Essex) Assemblyman REED GUSCIORA District 15 (Mercer) Assemblywoman MILA M. JASEY District 27 (Essex) Co-Sponsored by: Assemblywoman Stender, Assemblyman Green, Assemblywoman Voss, Assemblymen Conners, O'Donnell, McKeon, Coughlin, Assemblywoman Wagner, Assemblyman Conaway, Assemblywoman Tucker, Assemblymen Chivukula and Johnson SYNOPSIS Requires voter approval at the annual school election or by the board of school estimate prior to designation as charter school district of residence or expansion of a charter school. CURRENT VERSION OF TEXT As reported by the Assembly Education Committee on May 23, 2011, with amendments.
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A3852 [1R] DIEGNAN, P. BARNES, III 2 EXPLANATION – Matter enclosed in bold-faced brackets [ thus ] in the above bill is not enacted and is intended to be omitted in the law. Matter underlined thus is new matter. Matter enclosed in superscript numerals has been adopted as follows: 1 Assembly AED committee amendments adopted May 23, 2011. A N A CT concerning the establishment 1 and expansion 1 of charter 1 schools and amending P.L.1995, c.426. 2 3 B E I T E NACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State 4 of New Jersey: 5 6 1. Section 4 of P.L.1995, c.426 (C.18A:36A-4) is amended to 7 read as follows: 8 4. a. A charter school may be established by teaching staff 9 members, parents with children attending the schools of the district, 10 or a combination of teaching staff members and parents. A charter 11 school may also be established by an institution of higher education 12 or a private entity located within the State in conjunction with 13 teaching staff members and parents of children attending the 14 schools of the district. If the charter school is established by a 15 private entity, representatives of the private entity shall not 16 constitute a majority of the trustees of the school, and the charter 17 shall specify the extent to which the private entity shall be involved 18 in the operation of the school. The name of the charter school shall 19 not include the name or identification of the private entity, and the 20 private entity shall not realize a net profit from its operation of a 21 charter school. A private or parochial school shall not be eligible
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Reading- - [First Reprint ASSEMBLY No 3852 STATE OF NEW JERSEY 214th LEGISLATURE INTRODUCED Sponsored by Assemblyman PATRICK J DIEGNAN JR District

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