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Unformatted text preview: 17 Development of a critical state model Q2.3 Mining operations frequently generate large quantities of fine, particulate waste known as tailings. Tailings are generally transported as slurries, and stored in reservoirs impounded by embankments or dams made up from the material itself. In order to investigate the geotechnical behaviour of a particular tailings material (G s =2.70), an engineer carried out three slow, drained shear tests - each over a period of one day - and three fast, undrained shear tests - each over a period of two minutes - in a conventional 60mm × 60 mm shearbox apparatus. The three samples in each group were initially allowed to come into drained equilibrium under the application of vertical hanger loads of 100 N, 200 N and 300 N. During each shear test, the hanger load was kept constant and the ultimate shear force F ult recorded. Immediately after each test, a water content sample was taken from the centre of the rupture zone. All of the samples were initially saturated, and all of the tests were carried out with the zone....
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