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20 (b) At a depth of 3m below the top of a dry embankment made of this sand, the vertical effective stress is 3m × 18kN/m 3 = 54kPa. This corresponds to a hanger load of 20kg, at which the peak shear stress is approximately 36.4 kPa (c) In the 1:10 scale model, the vertical effective stress at a depth of 300mm is about 0.3m 18kN/m3 = 5.4 kPa. From Figure Q2.4, this gives a peak shear resistance of approximately
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Unformatted text preview: 7.7kPa (d) The model would not be expected to behave in the same way as the real embankment, because the operational values of φ ' peak at corresponding depths in the model and the real embankment are quite different. Figure Q2.4: Shear stress against normal effective stress at peak...
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