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Analytical Chem Soil HW Solutions 26

Analytical Chem Soil HW Solutions 26 - The failure...

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26 The failure envelopes sketched in Figure Q2.7c show that φ ' crit is constant (= 32.5 ° , closer to φ ' peak ψ max = 32 ° than the estimate of 35 ° based on φ ' peak – 0.8 × ψ max ) because there is no dilation at the critical state φ ' peak reduces as the normal effective stress σ ' increases, because the amount of dilation needed to reach the appropriate (critical) specific volume is reduced. In design, it may be safer to use the critical state strength φ ' crit than the peak strength φ 'peak, because the peak strength depends on the extent to which the soil is dense in relation to the critical state under the effective stress conditions at failure. It is not a soil constant, and is unlikely to be the same throughout the mass of soil involved in a potential failure mechanism it is unlikely that the peak strength will be mobilised simultaneously throughout the soil mass; instead, progressive failure at an average strength rather lower than the peak may occur.
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