Oxidation Reduction

Oxidation Reduction - Automotive Drag and Power Analysis...

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Automotive Drag and Power Analysis Participants: Jason Christian TA: Professor Curry Introduction A vehicle in operation has many forces acting upon it at all times. The most prevalent forces are the forward thrust, the weight, normal force, and the drag forces. A number of forces make up the drag force. First, air resistance and transmission resistance are a huge factor in the coast-down time of a vehicle. Other resistances such as rolling resistance of the tires, wheel bearing friction, and seal bearing friction make up a less noticeable portion of the drag on a vehicle. Through experimentation, the aerodynamic drag coefficient can be found. Experimental First, a long, flat road was found. Starting from 60 miles per hour, the 1999 Mercury Cougar was disengaged and put into the neutral position, gliding from 60 miles per hour to 0 miles per hour. The speed of the vehicle was recorded at 10-second intervals. This was repeated four times to help eliminate uncertainty. Next, the maximum cross sectional area was found by taking a photograph of the vehicle and placing it upon graphing paper. The area was found by counting the squares on the paper. Next, the height of the vehicle was found and the graph paper was set to scale. Finally, the weight of the vehicle was found form the owners manual. Results In this experiment, the calculations were done mostly in metric units; the speed data was converted to meters per second. The average speed was calculated between trials, as was the standard deviation. The uncertainty in the speed was calculated by multiplying the standard deviation by the uncertainty coefficient for four points (1.84).
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Trial 1 Trial 2 NW SE NW SE Average Speed Standard Deviation
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Oxidation Reduction - Automotive Drag and Power Analysis...

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