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38 Confined flownets; quicksand Q3.7 Figure 3.41 shows a cross section through a square excavation at a site where the ground conditions are as indicated. Assuming that the water levels in the overlying gravels, the underlying fractured bedrock, and the medium sand outside the excavation do not change, estimate by means of a carefully-sketched flownet the capacity of the required dewatering system. What proportion of the extracted groundwater must be recirculated through the medium sand and the gravels in order to maintain the initial groundwater level in these strata, if there is no
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Unformatted text preview: other close source of recharge? Do you foresee any problem concerning the stability of the base of the excavation? [University of London 2nd year BEng (Civil Engineering) examination, Queen Mary and Westfield College] Q3.7 Solution The flownet is sketched on Figure Q3.7, according to the rules and procedures given in the main text Sections 3.8 and 3.9. Figure Q3.7 The flowrate q is calculated from q ( m 3 /s per metre) = k.H.N F /N H...
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