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Analytical Chem Soil HW Solutions 52

Analytical Chem Soil HW Solutions 52 - o = v 2.136 1.829 =...

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52 221 . 0 200 ln 800 ln 829 . 1 136 . 2 ' ln = = Δ Δ = v o v σ λ (the slope of the one dimensional normal compression line). The preconsolidation pressure (i.e. the maximum previous value of vertical effective stress, at which the soil moves from a reload line onto the one dimensional normal compression line, is σ ' v, maximum previous = 200 kPa (see above) Q4.3 For the oedometer test described in Q4.2, plot a graph of vertical effective stress σ ' v against vertical strain ε v . For each of the loading and unloading steps, calculate the one- dimensional modulus E' o = Δσ ' v / Δε v ( Δσ ' v and Δε v are the changes in vertical effective stress and strain that occur during the loading or unloading step.) Comment briefly on the significance of these results in the context of the selection of parameters for design. Q4.3 Solution For each load increment or decrement, the one-dimensional modulus E'o is defined as the change in vertical effective stress
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