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55 k = 2.11 × 10 -8 m 2 /s 9.81 kN/m 3 ÷ 2222 kN/m 2 k = 9.3 10 -11 m/s (Note: the answer for permeability given at the end of Q4.4 in the main text is not correct) In determining parameter values for design, the following factors should be taken into account and replicated as far as possible in the laboratory test. the stress state of the soil in the field the stress history of the deposit the changes in stress to which the soil will be subjected Difficulties in applying laboratory-determined parameters to field problems include uncertainty concerning field drainage path lengths and boundary conditions E' 0 is the stiffness in one-dimensional compression – the true strain path in the field is unlikely to be one dimensional and will vary from point to point soil parameters are not constant, but vary with stress state and strain large scale fabric effects can be difficult to take into account drainage in the field is likely to be horizontal, whereas the oedometer test gives the
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