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64 Q5.2 Two further consolidated-undrained triaxial compression tests are carried out on samples of the same clay as in Q5.1. These gave the following results. s' at φ ' peak t at φ ' peak s' at φ ' crit t at φ ' crit Test 2 88 kPa 35.8 kPa 90 kPa 31.5 kPa Test 3 43 kPa 19.5 kPa 45 kPa 15.8 kPa Using data from all three tests, plot peak and critical state strength failure envelopes on a graph of τ against σ ', and comment on the data. Q5.2 Solution Mohr circles of effective stress may be plotted for each sample at both peak and critical states
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Unformatted text preview: (Figure Q5.2 a and b). In each case, s' locates the centre of the circle, and t gives the radius. From the last data point for test 1 (Q5.1), t = q/2 = 47kPa and s' = c + q/2 - u = 134.2kPa. Hence s' at ' peak t at ' peak ' peak = sin-1 (t/s') peak s' at ' crit t at ' crit ' crit = sin-1 (t/s') crit Test 1 134.2 47 20.5 134.2 47 20.5 Test 2 88 35.8 24.0 90 31.5 20.5 Test 3 43 19.5 27.0 45 15.8 20.6 Note: t and s' are in kPa Figure Q5.2a: Mohr circles of stress at peak stress ratios (t/s') peak...
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