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65 Figure Q5.2b: Mohr circles of stress at critical stress ratios (t/s') crit The peak strength failure envelope is curved due to the decreasing effect of the dilational component of strength as the effective stress is increased, with φ ' peak (defined as tan - 1 [ τ / σ '] peak = sin -1 [t/s'] peak ) decreasing from 27 ° in test 3 to 20½ in test 1. The critical state failure envelope is a straight line through the origin with ' crit 20½ . Q5.3 Using the data from Q5.1 and Q5.2, determine the equations of the critical state line in the q,p' and v,lnp' planes. (The as-tested water contents were 41.7% for sample 1; 45.5% for
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Unformatted text preview: sample 2; and 52.0% for sample 3. Take G s = 2.65). Hence predict the undrained shear strength of a fourth sample of the same clay, which is subjected to a conventional undrained triaxial compression test at a water content of 35%. Q5.3 Solution We can calculate the values of q and p' at the critical state for tests 2 and 3 from the values of t and s' given: t = q/2, s' = ( c- u) + q/2 ⇒ ( c- u) = s' - q/2 and p' = ( c-u) + q/3 = s' - q/6 We can calculate the specific volume v for each test using v = 1 + e with...
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