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Analytical Chem Soil HW Solutions 78

Analytical Chem Soil HW Solutions 78 - lnp v =...

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78 (a) (b) Figure Q5.7: (a) v against lnp' and (b) q against p' The effective stress path shown in Figure Q5.7a represents the undrained state boundary for samples having a specific volume v = 2.101. An overconsolidated sample (eg sample B, see below) having this specific volume will follow the same effective stress path between yield and failure (see part (c) below). (c) This enables us to predict the state path followed by sample B. On the graph of v against
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Unformatted text preview: lnp', v = constant (because it is an undrained test) and the critical state is reached at the same value of p' as sample A. On the graph of q against p', p' = constant (= 140 kPa) until the undrained state boundary is reached. The effective stress path then follows the undrained state boundary to failure at the same point as sample A. This is shown in Figure Q5.7c (note: ln 140 = 4.94; ln200 = 5.30)....
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