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Jason Christian Professor Klayder English 105 Paper Two (#3) The Socially Secluded: A Glimpse at the Effects of Isolation in Literature William W. Haythorn, a prominent scientist in the field of Isolation Psychology and author of “The Miniworld of Isolation: Laboratory Studies”, writes in his study, "It is generally recognized that man is a social animal whose behavior is significantly determined by his need for other people and his reactions to other people" (Haythorn 219). Human nature tends to create a desire for both isolation and human connection within ourselves at some time. When the balance between the two states shifts, people endure the effects. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby , the different effects of isolation and inclusion of the characters play a large role in creating conflict within and among the characters. Today’s social psychology of isolated individuals shows that confining a person without human contact become detrimental to the person’s character. According to research done by Edgar Schein, an expert on the psychology of torture and brainwashing at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, humans “validate their existence” (Atwood 2) through the presence of others, a process called the “Muttnik Principal” (Atwood 2). Thus, isolation leaves a considerable effect on the human psyche. In Shelley’s Frankenstein , Victor chooses to work in seclusion from society. To Victor, knowledge exists before all other pursuits. Victor’s isolation during his work affects him for the good of his character and his family’s demise. During his isolated
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work, Victor laboriously delves into the depths of science by animating the dead. His success promotes science and understanding of creation fathoms beyond the imaginable; however, Victor experiences the “Muttnik Principal” when he seems “to have lost all soul or sensation but for this one pursuit” (Shelley 55). In his isolation, Victor forgets his responsibility as the father to his creation ultimately unleashing a depraved monster that hunts Victor’s family. Through Victor’s family, he receives much needed human contact.
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Paper 2 - Jason Christian Professor Klayder English 105...

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