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Tutorial 3 Homework Name Newton's third law Tutorial section © University of Maryland Physics Education Research Group, Fall 2004. HW3-1 I. Newton’s 3 rd law and gravity A thoughtful student puts forth the following argument about when Newton’s 3 rd law applies. I understand why Newton’s 3 rd law applies to contact forces, the forces objects exert on each other while touching, like when a truck hits a car. But I don’t think Newton’s 3 rd law applies to gravity. When you drop a ball, the Earth exerts a gravitational force upon it, which makes the
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Unformatted text preview: ball rush down to the Earth. But according to Newtons 3 rd law, the ball exerts just as big a force on the Earth as the Earth exerts on the ball. That cant be right! The Earth doesnt rush up to meet the ball. This goes to show that the Earth exerts a bigger force on the ball than the ball exerts on the Earth. So, Newtons 3 rd law isnt true for gravity. How would you respond to the student?...
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