Syllabus - Dr. Ariel Michelman-Ribeiro Physics 121 Physics...

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Physics 121 - Fundamentals of Physics 1 - Summer I 2010 Contact Information: Email: Phone: Office Hours: M, W, F 1/2 hr. before class or by appointment Lecture: M-F 5:30 - 6:50 Section 0181: M,W 7-8 discussion; Tu, Th 7-9 lab; TA: Amir (Chris) Najmi Section 0182: M,W 7-9 lab; Tu, Th 7-8 discussion; TA: Ranchu Mathew Textbook: Software: Mastering Physics (comes with a new book, or you can purchase separately from the bookstore or ). CourseID: Physics 121 Laboratory Manual, UMCP (Wellstood) Classroom Rules: We will all treat each other with respect. Please don’t speak on the phone or text while in class. If you need to make an emergency call or send an emergency message, please leave the classroom and come back when you are done. Laptop computers are generally not a good way to take notes, so I don’t expect to see them at your desk. If you feel you have a special case, please come see me so we can discuss it. Grading: The total grade in the class is calculated according to the following: Class Participation/ Reading Quizes 5% Homework 15% Laboratory 15% Midterms 45% (3 x 15%) Final Exam 20% I have not yet assigned what the range of percentages are for each letter grade. After each exam I will discuss the class distribution so you know where you stand in relation to the rest of the class. If your final grade is on the borderline, I will discuss your progress with the T.A. before
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Syllabus - Dr. Ariel Michelman-Ribeiro Physics 121 Physics...

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