Bridging the Gap (Revised)

Bridging the Gap (Revised) - Jason Christian Bridging the...

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Jason Christian Bridging the Gap 5/6/2009 “Yet, there was no battle in his face now, I heard what he had gone through, and would continue to go through until he came to rest in earth” (Norton Anthology of Short Fiction 45). Experiences define people as individuals and create diversity. In many cases, diversity creates cultural conflicts. In the short stories “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin and “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, cultural conflicts confront the main characters and eventually open their eyes and hearts to a new way of life. While the plot and themes of both stories read very differently, both stories include many similarities: characterization, plot detail, and the major theme of cultural understanding. In “Sonny’s Blues,” Sonny and his brother share the same values but both have entirely different outlooks and goals in life. Baldwin creates two characters that experience two entirely different lifestyles. Sonny acts “wild” (23) but never “crazy” (23) and holds deep respect and obedience for his parents and caretakers. Much like Sonny, the narrator loves his family, his brother and holds his loyalty to his parents. Nonetheless, Sonny finds himself in hard places with drugs, which his brother soon realizes but “couldn’t find any room for it anywhere inside [him]” (23). The brothers’ differences push them apart.
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Bridging the Gap (Revised) - Jason Christian Bridging the...

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