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Answer Week 12 - H 5" H l p—A ‘9 DJ H ‘9 Ln...

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Unformatted text preview: H 5" H l p—A ‘9 DJ H ‘9 Ln l—l [.0 \1 l Answers Week 12 It hits'the ceiling at a point 1.45m away from the left corner. (1 = (2 — 9.8t2)m for 0 < t < 0.45 sec. nRed < nBlue A real image is formed when the light actually goes through the point where the image is located. On the contrary, the light only appears to come form a virtual image. ' A real image can be projected on a screen. Convex mirror: r is negative. All the images are virtual, upright and reduced Plane mirror: r is essentially infinite. All the images are virtual, upright and same size as object. Concave mirror: r is positive. As long as p (object distance) 1s greater than f (focal , length), all Images are real and inverted, the magnificatiOn varying from zero (p—> co) to very large (p = f). If p < f the image is virtual, upright and enlarged. i + l = —1_ and f is positive. 4 Smallest q when p —> 00 [i —> 0] and therefore qmin = f. p You must place the object closer to the mirror than its focal point. Since p < f, q (image distance) 13 negative and larger than p, the image is virtual upright and enlarged so In > 1 ...
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