Syllabus - Physics 122: Fundamentals of Physics II Spring...

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Physics 122: Fundamentals of Physics II Spring 2011 — Lecturer: Pat Harding Check class Blackboard website for latest information: Overview The purpose of this class is to give you a deep understanding of the fundamental principles that govern physical systems, how they may be used to accurately predict the behavior of objects when they interact with their environment, and how these simple principles lead to more complex phenomena. Topics will include harmonic motion, waves, superposition, light rays, mirrors, refraction and reflection of light, lenses, interference of light, electric and magnetic forces, electric and magnetic fields, electric energy, voltage, and basic circuits. Lectures will be given on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30–1:45 in room 1410 in the Physics lecture halls wing. These sessions will actually be fairly interactive—please come ready to think and respond, not just to take notes! You will also have a one-hour discussion session and a two-hour lab session each week, with a few exceptions: you’ll have no discussion session or lab in the first week of the semester or the week of Spring Break. The discussion session, which meets in room 3301, is structured in a “tutorial” manner to help you explore and solidify physics principles and their consequences, collaborating with your classmates and TA. The lab sessions, in room 3312, present you with rather open-ended investigations that you must plan, carry out, evaluate and explain in teams—there is no “cookbook” for them! You must attend the specific discussion and lab sessions for the course section you registered for. If you miss your normal day for a valid reason (such as illness), you might be able to attend a later discussion session that week; be sure to check with me first. At the end of the semester there will be time available to make up one lab session if you missed one for a valid reason during the semester. Required and optional materials The textbook for this course is “College Physics: A Strategic Approach” by Knight, Jones and Field, published by Addison-Wesley / Pearson. PHYS 122 will cover material corresponding to chapters 14-28. The current edition of the book is the second edition, but the first edition is very similar and is an acceptable substitute that you could obtain used; however, before you run out and buy a used copy, carefully read below about bundled items which affect the economics of buying a new versus a used book: New copies of the textbook are available in a number of packages, bundled with various add-ons, with different ISBN numbers. The most important add-on for this course is MasteringPhysics, a web-based homework system that is a required part of this course. For those who took Physics 121 last semester, your MasteringPhysics account should still
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Syllabus - Physics 122: Fundamentals of Physics II Spring...

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