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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 5 Name: _____________________ 1)  Write down the defini3on for perfectly inelas3c collision when the two colliding par3cles s3ck together and stay together a=er the collision. 2) A ball of mass m bounces off a wall as shown below. It’s speed, v, is the same before and a=er the collision. Let the ver3cal be the y direc3on and the horizontal the x direc3on in the usual conven3on. What is the change in momentum of the ball due to the collision with the wall? ˆ ˆ a )mvˆ b)mvi c)mvi + mvˆ d ) - 2 mvˆ e) 2 mvˆ j j j j ˆ ˆ f)0 g) - 2 mvi h ) 2 mvi i) none of the above A large truck and a small car have a head ­on collision and s3ck together a=er the collision. How does the change in momentum for the truck compare to that of the car? The change in momentum for the truck is a) the same as b) larger than or c) smaller than d) none of the above That of the car. ...
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