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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 8 Name: _____________________ 1)  Write down the defini3on for torque τ = rxF 2) A person weigh3ng 60 kg stands at the center of a symmetric boat weighing 500 kg floa3ng on a fric3onless, current ­less, s3ll pool as shown in the figure below. The person starts to walks 1m to the right. Will the center ­of ­mass of the boat/person system a)  Move to the right b) move to the leP. C) stay in the same place d) none of the above 3) Imagine a disk lying in the plane of this sheet of paper and spinning counter clockwize. Define the posi3ve x axis as in the plane of the paper, poin3ng to your right. Define the posi3ve y axis as in the plane of the paper, poin3ng towards the top of the sheet. Define the z axis as perpendicular to the plane of the paper, towards you. What is the direc3on of the angular velocity? A) + x axis b) –x axis c) +y axis d) –y axis e) +z axis f) –z axis g) none of the above ...
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