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Quiz 3 1) Write down the defni±on For unit vector Unit vector: a vector with unit length Name: _____________________ 2) Consider a displacement vector D=(3 ˆ i-4 ˆ j)m. What is the magnitude D ? Circle all that are correct. a ) 7 m b) 5 m c) -7 m d) -5 m e) -1 m f) 1 m g) none of the above
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Unformatted text preview: 3) What angle does the displacement vector given above make with respect to the positive x axis, measured in the standard counter-clockwize sense? Circle all that are correct. a) 307 o b) 323 o c) 53 o d) 37 o e) 127 o f) 142 o g) 233 o h) 217 o i) none of the above...
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