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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 5 Name: _____________________ 1)  Write down the defini3on for the coefficient of sta3c fric3on a constant of propor3onality between the normal force and the fric3onal force for an object at rest with respect to a surface. Scalar, unitless. 2) A person makes a ball at the end of a rope move in a circle, the plane of which is parallel to the surface of the ground. In which of the following diagrams does the direc3on of the straight arrow correctly indicate the direc3on of the net external force ac3ng on the ball. Circle all that are correct. If none are correct, circle the word none. 3) A person is using a rope to drag a box along a carpeted floor (lots of fric3on). The rope makes an angle with respect to the horizontal as shown. Which of the following is true? a) The fric3onal force increases as θ increases. b) the fric3onal force decreases as θ increases c) the fric3onal force is independent of θ d) none of the above ...
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