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Unformatted text preview: Quiz 5 Name: _____________________ 1)  Write down the defini3on for a conserva3ve force a force ­pair between two objects whose value depends only on the rela3ve posi3ons of the two objects 2) A large empty container is dropped from the top of a very high building. As it falls, it reaches a terminal velocity vT. The container is then filled with water and dropped again. How will its terminal velocity compare to the previous value? Circle all that are true The new one will be: (a) larger (b) smaller ( c) the same (d) this can not be predicted from the informa3on given 3)  A ball of mass m, at the end of a string, moves with constant speed v in a circle of radius r. What is the work done by the tension in the string on the ball aOer the ball completes one revolu3on? Circle all that are correct (a) zero (b) 2πmv2 ( c) mv2 (d) mv2r (e) can not determine since don’t know the value of the tension (f) none of the above ...
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