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Current Ratio = current assets / current liabilities RU is the cost of capital for an unlevered firm = RA for an unlevered firm Quick Ratio = (current assets – inventory) / current liabilities VU is just the PV of the expected future cash flow from assets for an unlevered firm Cash Ratio = cash / current liabilities Net Working Capital to Total Assets = net working capital / total assets Interval Measure = current assets / average daily operating costs Total Debt Ratio = (total assets–total equity) / total assets Debt/Equity = total debt / total equity Equity Multiplier = total assets / total equity = 1 + D/E Long-term debt ratio = long-term debt / (long-term debt + total equity) Times Interest Earned = EBIT / interest Cash Coverage = (EBIT + depreciation) / interest Fixed Asset Turnover = sales / net fixed assets Total Asset Turnover = sales / total assets Capital Intensity Ratio = total assets / sales = 1/TAT
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Unformatted text preview: PE Ratio = price per share / earnings per share Price-sales ratio = price per share / sales per share Market-to-book ratio = market value per share / book value per share ROE = PM * TAT * EM (Without EFN) (Maintaining d/e ratio) Rule of 72, 72/i=doubling period RA = (E/V)RE + (D/V)(RD)(1-TC) RE = RU + (RU RD)(D/E)(1-TC) (Growing annuity) (perpetuity) RE = (V/E)RA + (D/E) RD RE = ((D+E)/E)RA + (D/E) RD = (D/E)RA + (E/E)RA (D/E) RD RE = RA + (RA RD)(D/E) VU = EBIT(1-T) / RU VL = VU + DTC OCF = (Sales Costs)(1 t) + Depreciation*t, OCF = Sales Costs Taxes, OCF = NI + depreciation(no interest) Period rate = APR / number of periods per year 2 nd I Conv, NOM is the quoted rate, down arrow, EFF is the effective rate, down arrow, C/Y is compounding periods per year -1 PMT NPV/PV=EAC 20 I/Y 5 N CPT PV = 2.9906 (Coupon Rate)*(Face Value)/(#of payments per year)...
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