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Unformatted text preview: CASE SYNOPSES ASSIGNMENT In order to help you prepare for the class discussion, particularly for the discussion of the cases, a total of two brief case synopses are required. You may pick for which cases (out of the four) you would like to prepare the synopses, which need to be turned in three hours prior to the class in which they are scheduled to be discussed via the corresponding dropbox on Angel (make sure you upload the document successfully and in the correct dropbox on Angel). The case synopses to be prepared should be brief, and should by no means be a complete case analysis. Instead, these synopses should cover the basics of the case and form the basis for class discussion ( for most cases this can be done in under half a page! ). The synopsis should include the following: (1) a one-paragraph summary of the case setting/background; (2) a one-sentence description of the primary decision problem/issue; (3) a list of the key protagonists (or organizations) and their roles, possibly also their opinions...
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