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1 SCM 371 TEAM RESEARCH PROJECT / PAPER Option 1: Commodity Sourcing Project A significant component of this course is the research project, which will be conducted in teams of four to six students. Students may elect their own teams (choose wisely!), but if no team can be found, the instructor must be contacted to facilitate the assignment to a group. Final selections of project topic preferences and team compositions must be communicated in writing to the instructor (at the end of class on a sheet of paper or via e-mail) by Friday, September 9, 2011. If no preferences have been submitted, or if I have not heard from a student, I will assign topics and/or teams. This commodity sourcing project will involve each team developing a detailed commodity sourcing plan for a specific commodity that will be identified in consultation with the instructor. Each team is expected to conduct library research on the topic and develop a ‘best practices commodity sourcing’ model. Consider the following situation (this description is written as though your team was one individual). You are a new employee in the purchasing department of a company called Diversified Markets International (DMI). DMI is involved in many different business areas, hence its name. As such, the company is frequently thrusting off into new directions. To help DMI avoid problems and assess project potential, teams of company experts are appointed to help the firm research new opportunities; you have been asked to join one of these teams. The team utilizes its purchasing department members to help them gain insight into the purchased items that may be involved or needed in the new businesses. The purchasing department has earned an excellent reputation for the quality and timeliness of their research work. Since you are new, this is your first research assignment and you are eager to show your stuff. You have a lot to learn about where to find information and how to present it in a meaningful way but your boss has great faith in your abilities, especially since you are a graduate of the prestigious and highly-ranked Supply Chain Management program in the Broad College of Business at Michigan State University, and since you have taken Dr. Schoenherr’s purchasing course. --- You, as the purchasing professional, have the task now to compose a market analysis report for your chosen commodity. The cross-functional team will then utilize the information in your report and your newly gained insights as inputs, to help cost out one of the key purchased components in the new business opportunity. (Note: you are only responsible for the market analysis report as it concerns purchasing the material, which can serve as an input for evaluating the business opportunity.) Please seek my approval on the commodity before you go ahead and conduct research on the topic (the same commodity can only be investigated once per section, so please decide early as commodities will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis – please let me know in writing your preference/choice). Please also seek my help early in the term if you run out of ideas to study. A list of potential commodities
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Project_description__Option_1_-_Commodit - SCM 371 TEAM...

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