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Introductory Assignment SCM 371 – Fall 2011 Due: Wednesday, September 7, 2011 Please upload completed exercise via the dropbox “Introductory assignment” on Angel. To help me understand each of you better, and to provide you with as much help as possible as you begin to transition from college to career, I want you to turn in the following document by the due date above: 1. Your most current resume in Word format. Please then append the word document with answers to the following questions: 2. A paragraph describing your ideal job after graduation (not the description you would give to a recruiter or in a job interview, but your real ideal job—this is just
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Unformatted text preview: for my eyes, and will help me understand your goals.) 3. A paragraph explaining what interest and experience (if applicable) you have in the sourcing/purchasing field (e.g. internships). 4. A paragraph briefly describing what you hope to get out of the course (your expectations), and whether you are especially interested in any particular aspect of procurement. When you are finished, name your document lastname.doc , where lastname is your last name (surname or family name). Submit the document to the Angel dropbox called “Introductory assignment”....
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