EXST7005 Fall2010 Daily Quiz 03

EXST7005 Fall2010 Daily Quiz 03 - the shopper was in line...

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EXST 7005 Daily Analysis 03 Carefully read the description of the experiment below. Be prepared to answer the questions that follow the design description as a class quiz. In an effort to improve checkout, new electronic self- check-out systems have been installed in many stores. This study compares cashier checkout with self-check- out at Wal-Mart Super Centers in the Jackson, Mississippi, area. Ninety shoppers were randomly chosen and observed on each checkout system and data was collected on the number of items, the length of time
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Unformatted text preview: the shopper was in line. The rate of checkout errors was also recorded. Our objective at this time is to determine if there a statistically significant difference in the error rates between the two systems. The data is represented in the table below. Table A-1: Contingency Table on System’s Number of Errors Error No Error Total Cashier Checkout System 15 772 787 Electronic Self- Checkout System 50 711 761 Total 65 1483 1548...
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