EXST7005 Fall2010 Daily Quiz 09

EXST7005 Fall2010 Daily Quiz 09 - forbs, and ferns. These...

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EXST 7005 Daily Analysis 09 Carefully read the description of the experiment below. Be prepared to answer the questions that follow the design description as a class quiz. In an effort to determine characteristics of nesting sites chosen by ovenbirds, actual nest sites were compared to nearby sites for habitat similarities. During the summer of 2003 ovenbird nests were located and nest site characteristics were measured for 5 m surrounding the nest. Measurements taken included habitat characteristics particularly percent ground cover measurements within 1 m and 5 m of the nest were taken. Specific variables included percent cover of sedges, dead woody stems, live woody stems, bare ground, leaves of live seedlings and
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Unformatted text preview: forbs, and ferns. These were summed, and when less than 100% the remainder was assumed to be covered by leaf litter, For comparison to each ovenbird nest site a nearby “non-use” site was located for each of the nest sites. The nearby “non-use” site was randomly chosen for proximity to the actual nest site, but had to be at least 15 m from the actual nest to insure that the two sample sites did not overlap. A number of analyses were done on these nests including analyses of site characteristics, including ground cover types, and nest success. For our purposes, how would you compare the 60 oven bird nest sites with 60 adjacent “non-use” sites for the variable “percent cover of ferns”?...
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