lab 9 - EXST 7005 Fall 2010 Lab #9: Post ANOVA Tests...

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1 EXST 7005 Fall 2010 Lab #9: Post ANOVA Tests Post-hoc Tests A simple ANOVA program containing only class and model statements will return the ANOVA table with source, degrees of freedom, Type I and III sums of squares, mean square errors, F- values for individual tests, and their associated p-values. However, it only tells us whether or not the means are equal across all the classes. If the means are not all equal, we need to know how to detect which means are different and how to find meaningful conclusions. Using a means statement in the PROC GLM procedure will provide the mean value of the dependent variable at each treatment level. Additionally, we can use post hoc tests as options in this statement to perform a variety of multiple comparisons that provide information about the differences between treatment levels. The post hoc tests include LSD, Bonferroni, Duncan, Tukey, and Scheffe (ordered from the least conservative to the most conservative). You need to indicate which post hoc test you want to use in the means statement. Lsmeans The lsmeans statement provides adjusted least-square means for the main effects. In balanced designs these are the same as the raw means, but in unbalanced designs you need to use lsmeans instead. Options available after the slash (/) in the lsmeans statement include the standard error of
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lab 9 - EXST 7005 Fall 2010 Lab #9: Post ANOVA Tests...

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