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EXST7015 Daily Design 1 Carefully read the description of the experiment below. Be prepared to answer the questions that follow the design description as a class quiz. In one part of a larger study an investigator raised 64 pigs in the manner described below. The design is modified from the original, but is consistent with the table presented. There were 32 pens available that were randomly assigned to one of the two sexes and one of two dietary supplements. The diet supplements were either no Chromium picolinate (CrP) added or 200 ppb CrP added to a standard corn- soybean meal diet. Note that there were four combinations of sex and diet (male at 0 ppb CrP, female at 0 ppb CrP, male at 200 ppb CrP, female at 200 ppb CrP). For each combination of sex and diet there were eight pens and two pigs randomly assigned to each pen. At the end of the experiment the final weight was recorded for each pen and daily weight gain calculated as a single value for each of the 32 pens [(final pen weight – initial pen weight) / days].
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