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EXST7015 Daily Design 16 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Woman 1 Soup Control Casserole+water Casserole Woman 2 Casserole+water Casserole Control Soup Woman 3 Control Soup Casserole Casserole+water Woman 4 Casserole Casserole+water Soup Control Carefully read the description of the experiment below. Be prepared to answer the questions that follow the design description as a class quiz. This study examined the effects of water, both served with a food and incorporated into a food, on satiety. Four lean women consumed breakfast, lunch, and dinner in our laboratory 1 d/wk for 4 wk. Subjects received 1 of 3 preloads 17 min before lunch on 3 of the days and no preload on the other day (control). The preloads consisted of 1) chicken rice casserole, 2) chicken rice casserole with a glass of water, 3) chicken rice soup and (4) a no preload control. The soup contained the same ingredients (type and amount) as the casserole that was served with water. Lunch consisted of a large variety of items.
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